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 Lyrics of the songs from the Telugu movie “Perfume (2023)” available in both Telugu and English. Click on the songs names to delve into the soulful lyrics of each songs, experiencing the magic of telugu language and melody.

Movie Perfume (పర్‌ఫ్యూమ్)
Cast CheNag, Prachi Thaker
Movie Director J.D Swamy
Music Director Ajay Arasada
Movie Release Date 24 November 2023
Category Telugu Movie 2023
  1. Vaddu Anavaddu (వద్దు అనవద్దు)
  2. Kaalipothunna (కాలిపోతున్నా)
  3. Evi Evi Ekkatledu (ఏవి ఏవి ఎక్కట్లేదు)
  4. Ilanti Prema Eshwarude (ఇలాంటి ప్రేమ ఈశ్వరుడే)

Hi My People :
  Explore the enchanting lyrics of Perfume, a Telugu movie that captivates your heart with its soulful melodies. Dive into the beauty of the songwriting and immerse yourself in the emotions conveyed through each lyric. From romantic ballads to energetic beats, experience the magic of Perfume’s soundtrack. Get ready to sing along with the Telugu song lyrics provided in this post, celebrating the musical journey of Perfume.

Perfume Movie – FAQs:
  • Q: What language is Perfume movie in?
  • Ans: Perfume is a Telugu film.
  • Q: When was Perfume released?
  • Ans: Perfume was released on 24 November 2023.
  • Q: Who starred in Perfume?
  • Ans: The lead cast of Perfume includes CheNag and Prachi Thaker.
  • Q: Who is the director of Perfume?
  • Ans: J.D Swamy was the director of Perfume movie.
  • Q: Who is the music director of Perfume?
  • Ans: Perfume movie music director is Ajay Arasada.
  • Q: How can I watch Perfume movie trailer?
  • Ans: Here’s the official trailer for the Perfume movie: Click Here

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