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 నేను ఒంటరిగా ఉన్నప్పుడు నన్ను ఎవరూ చూడడం లేదు అనిపించినప్పుడు, ఎక్కువ వాల్యూమ్ తో పాటలు పెట్టుకుని దానితో పాటు నేను గట్టిగట్టిగా (అరుస్తూ) పాటలు పాడుతుంటా. ఇది మనసుకు ఎదో తెలియని ప్రశాంతతను, ఆనందాన్ని, హాయిని, ఉల్లాసాన్ని ఇస్తుంది.
 మనం పాటలు పాడుకోవాలంటే లిరిక్స్ తెలిసి ఉండాలి. మన తెలుగులో లిరిక్స్ వెబ్‌సైట్‌ చాలానే ఉన్నాయి. కానీ వాటి ఇంటర్ ఫేస్, లిరిక్స్ ప్రెజెంట్ చేసే విధానం నాకు నచ్చలేదు. అవి పాటలు పాడుకోవాలన్న ఇంటరెస్ట్ ని పోగొట్టేలా ఉన్నాయి అని నాకు అనిపించింది. అందుకే soulalyrics.com వెబ్‌సైట్‌ ప్రారంభించాను.

From Frustration to Creation: The Story Behind My Lyrics Website

 When I’m alone, when nobody seems to notice me, During those times, with increased volume, I sing songs, loudly and passionately. It fills my mind with an unknown tranquility, joy, enthusiasm, and happiness.

 We should know the lyrics if we want to sing songs. While there are many lyrics websites available, I am not particularly fond of their interface or the way they present lyrics. Some websites might make you lose interest in singing. Additionally, it is often difficult to identify the lyrics I want on those websites, and many times, mistakes in the lyrics and the time wasted searching for specific lyrics become frustrating. Sometimes, I cannot find the lyrics at all because they are not up to date. During those times, I feel disappointed because I am eager to sing loudly and uplift my mood. Hence, I decided to start my own lyrics website.

Diversifying Melodies: From Telugu to Hindi, Punjabi, and English Lyrics

 Initially, I posted Telugu lyrics as it’s my mother tongue, and I have a deep affection for it. However, since I also love Hindi, Punjabi, and English songs, I decided to start posting lyrics in these languages as well.

Financial Aspects:

 In the beginning, I was the sole person working on this website. However, now, I’ve hired some individuals, creating job opportunities for them. Initially, they volunteered their time and talent without pay, which wasn’t fair. Recognizing their efforts, I started providing compensation from my own pocket. I also engage in other work in my city to generate some income, a portion of which I share with my team. To support the financial aspects, I’ve decided to apply for Google AdSense for advertisements. I sincerely appreciate the understanding and support of my lovely visitors. Thank you.

 Another thing to note is that we didn’t create this website with the expectation of making money. We passionately and joyfully work to present lyrics because we understand the value of music and its lyrics in bringing joy through singing.

 We value your feedback, suggestions, and inquiries. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact Us »

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